Sunday, May 20, 2007

Installing Fingerprint Login with Vista on Thinkpad T60p

Through a recent series of driver updates for Windows Vista, ThinkPad in combination with a biometric coprocessor driver vendor, you can now have the fingerprint login in Windows Vista. This is very handy since I usually don't enjoy typing in my password all the time. This tutorial is intended for users who have Windows Vista, but more specifically users who have the Thinkpad T60p as their laptop of use. If you don't then don't mind this post.

First, make sure that you have the drivers for the actual biometric processor. You can view this by opening up the Device Manager by clicking start, then either search for 'device manager' or click the control panel. If you clicked on the control panel then click hardware and sound then simply click on device manager. You should see something similar to the following once you have opened it up.

There is a section called Biometric. This is where your driver for the fingerprint reader should be. If it isn't then you might should see in the section Other Devices with a device that displays an exclamation point on the icon.

On some T60p laptops this will actually show the name 'Biometric Coprocessor'. Either right-click on that and click properties, or click an 'Unknown Device' and click properties. Then click on the Driver tab. Click on the 'Update Driver' button and this should open up a dialog with two choices.

1. Search for the files online.
2. Browse the computer.

We want to browse the computer for the files. But of course we're going to need to get the files first.

Click on the Browse my computer for driver software and continue on to get the files.

To actually get the files, simply go to the following website and download the drivers from the zip file.

The ReadMe in the zip file instructs on how to actually install the drivers. All we really need to do is unzip the files in the folder that is associated to the type of operating system you have.

If you don't know the exact Operating System you have, that's easy to figure out. Right-Click on Computer, Click properties, this should open up a window that shows the operating system and the System Type. Mine is 32-Bit Operating System. Choose vista x86 version for 32-bit Vista. You'll know if it doesn't work if the computer attempts to install the drivers and fails.

Okay, back to the other interface. Once you've unzipped the right files from the folder that refers to the operating system you have, open the window we had before.
Search for the folder that you unzipped the folder/files to. Then click next. Once this has been installed, simply read-on. As of now, you should have the drivers for the biometric/fingerprint coprocessor. You'll know if it installed if you refresh the Device Manager. There should now be a node called Biometric.

Once we have this, you need to modify your registry to recognize that the system has a biometric fingerprint reader built-in to the laptop. To do this, we move to Lenovo's Thinkpad website.

Lenovo Downloads and Drivers
You'll need to select the Brand, Family, and Operating System. I have selected: Notebook and Handhelds, Thinkpad T60p, Type: All Types, and OS: Windows Vista. Click continue.

In the drop-down menu select Fingerprint reader. The only topic within this should be:
Registry patch to change idle IRP timing by Fingerprint reader driver for Windows Vista - ThinkPad
[If you get lost you can just read the Installation Instructions on Lenovo's site]

It's a simply registry change. All you have to do is download that registry fix to your desktop. Then, using the Run... command, (Click start, all programs, accessories, run), type in the directory where you downloaded the registry fix, then the name: FPIRPOn.reg. I downloaded to the C:\Drivers directory so I typed in. C:\Drivers\Vista\FPIRPON\FPIRPOn.reg

This will, of course, ask for permissions to change the registry. Once this has been executed you can then move on to downloading the actual Fingerprint software for logging in. To get to this, go back to the Downloads and Drivers page on Lenovo's site. Click the 'Security' drop-down menu item. Then click on the topic link 'Fingerprint Software 5.6'.

Or, alternatively, you can just click this link:
Click on the fpr_7of106ww.exe for 32-Bit or 64-Bit version depending on your version of Windows Vista. Run this software once it has been downloaded completely. This executable will only unzip the setup.exe file that you really need to run so run this to a location that you want to. The default installation directory is C:\swtools\Drivers\FPR_7OF106WW. After running that installation, simply restart your computer and you should be good to go to setup your fingerprints for logging in.

Once you have setup and started the ThinkVantage Control Center program. You can start enrolling your fingerprints. Simply go through this grueling task of having your fingers scanned then you can test out your login. Lock your computer by pressing Window+L. A 'New' button will appear called Other Credentials. If you click that button you should see a picture of the fingerprint reader. Click on that and scan your finger.
Note: Alternatively, you can just scan your finger anyways when the login screen appears. with or without that particular fingerprint reader screen showing.

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